The perfect winter lip colour.

I’ve never tried Look make up products before but since the colder weather hit I have been trying out darker lip shades and couldn’t let this one get away from me when I spotted it in Superdrug.
Look Loud Lips ‘Berry Vamp’ is a lovely deep plum red shade, perfect for these chilly months and fairly similar to Cheryl Cole’s X Factor look that we all went a little mental over. (Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about!)

Berry Vamp is moisturising, long lasting and well pigmented. The lipstick itself is fairly firm, if you wanted to apply it without lip liner or a brush you could manage quite easily although Berry Vamp does soften around the edges of your lips. It looks pretty to begin with but does bleed out later on.

 The packaging is beautiful but the lid is magnetic, I’m not always convinced it’s going to stay shut when I pop it in my handbag so stick it somewhere safe if you are taking it out with you!

A shade like this might take a little more confidence to wear than your usual lip colour but it’s so beautiful and this one will suit so many skin tones.
If you are looking to get into lipstick, you could do a lot worse than these and for £7 it’s not the end of the world if you don’t like the shade on you. (Pass it on to someone who will appreciate it!)


Primark Hair Oil?

If you are a blog reader and haven’t heard of hair/body/face oils, where have you been??
They are massively popular right now, I currently use L’Oreal’s Mythic Oil for my hair (pretty good) and have dabbled with Moroccan oil in the past (my purse wept). I was very pleased when a little parcel dropped through my door from my sister who found this cheeky little 18ml bottle of Hask Argan Oil Healing Shine Hair Treatment in PRIMARK. Yup, Primarni itself is now flogging the stuff.
I was interested to try this but not expecting very much, at £2.50 who would??

But happily, I was wrong. The texture is very different to other oils, it’s more like an easy to pour gel which actually makes it easier to use as this doesn’t have a pump lid. The little cap lid does however prevent leakages and the small plastic bottle would be perfect for travelling. It smells like oranges, not something I love but others might.
The ingredients are fairly similar to Moroccan oil with both containing Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethicone and Argania Spinoza Kernal Oil (Argan oil). They are the first 3 ingredients on both Moroccan Oil and the Hask oil so I am assuming the quantities in both products are similar. Both Cyclopentasiloxane and Dimethicone are silicones, they are usually the basis for hair serums and condition without leaving product build up. 

The Hask Oil also contains:
Keratin Amino Acids – an extremely strong protein which is a component of hair, nails, skin and teeth
Tocopherol - a chemical compound which has Vitamin E activity in  
Iodopropnyl Butylcarbanate  -  this is a water based preservative agent

But does it do the job? Well, yes! I have some in my hair right now which i am using as a hair mask, I will go shampoo it out in a bit. It does the same job as the more expensive oils I have tried for much less money, it smoothes hair and provides nourishment.
The only issue is getting hold of it, I haven’t seen it in my local Primark so if you are after some it might be best to check out the website printed on the bottle www.inspiredbeauty.com to see if you can get hold of some!
If you see some at the till in Primark, grab a bottle or two. These would make perfect Christmas stocking fillers. Or, you know, just keep them for yourself!


She's got her lipstick on

For some reason, unbeknown to be me, I keep buying lipsticks. I’m mildly obsessed with them, there are at least 30 tubs of lip stuff in my top drawer right now. How many lip colours does one girl need right?
However, a good lipstick and a big smile can be massive confident boosters and we could all do with a little bit of boosting from time to time. A little bit of lipstick can go a long way, the lazy girls way of looking a little bit more put together than you usually would when you bet to work and boy does this Bourjois Sweet Kiss Naturelle Lipstick help me step up my game. It smells great, is fool proof to apply and I seriously love the packaging on this one. It is so chic and the lid clicks back in just so…fellow lipstick wierdos will know what I mean! 

I have the colour 05 Prune Cassis which is possibly the least sexy name for a lip product. Ever.  I’m pretty sure people only eat prunes if they’re constipated but Bourjois does claim that this product is all natural so perhaps this will count as part of our 5 a day?

Prune Cassis is a lovely berry shade which looks much more purple based in the bullet than when applied, it is a sheer cherry red on my lips. Not quite the Cheryl Cole X Factor look I was going for but pretty none the less!

Enriched with magnolia oil and shea butter, this nourishing formula applies like a dream leaving your lips feeling soft and moisturised. Coverage is medium but you could apply tonnes of this stuff and still feel as if you only has a lip balm on. The staying power isn’t amazing, 2-3 hours tops, less if you are eating something which I generally am as I work in a cupcake shop! The good thing about this lipstick is that when it does fade away It just disappears rather than gravitating towards the edge of your lips leaving a very 90s lip liner effect *cough Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stain cough*.
This is probably the lipstick I reach for most right now, and that’s saying something. It’s practically foolproof to apply and for £7.99 each they don’t exactly break the bank. Available from Boots, Superdrug and the Bourjois website if you are in need of some idiot proof lip colour then i suggest you start here! 


Honey, I'm home.

It's been more than a little while hasn't it people?
Although i am sure no one really noticed that my little blog has been dormant! Over the past few months my regular blogging habit has fallen by the wayside as life (a new job, new home and a boyfriend who is now a soldier) has got on top of me but after a few words of encouragement from my sister i am back. I have still been reading beauty blogs, almost daily now i have my iphone and can use the Bloglovin app, and my obsession with beauty products is very much alive. I went to an event at Harvey Nichols this evening and just about bullied my mum into trying some Laura Mercier products! My product stash is bigger than ever before so keep your eyes peeled. I have lots to tell you!


Neon Nails

Now, in a Tupperware tub in one of my colleagues drawers (yes, we have an office nail polish box!) is one of my favourite nail polishes. When Friday rolls around I slap this on my nails during my lunch break and I just adore the bright colour. No, it’s not demure and no, it’s not suitable for work but it just screams summer and I’m pretty sure I have a lipstick to match somewhere.

It’s a really rich colour which needs two coats for a streak free finish. The wear is fairly average, polish always chips on my nails very quickly so for me to get 48 hours wear chip free is really unusual. I get little chips after abut 24 hours but I do my washing up and cleaning without gloves on.
The only downside with this polish is that it dries to matte colour and with less impact, the best way to revive that is with a top coat which brings back the intense colour and increases shine. Even a cheap and cheerful one from the Asda make up range does the job!
I took this with flash on my phone because it showed the colour up so much better! It’s amazing isn’t it? You can buy it from shops like Xtras on the high street or from this eBay seller here for about £4!


Squeaky Clean

Evening Ladies,
I trust you all had a good weekend? Mine was pretty brilliant, on Saturday I went to visit my boyfriend down in Woking for the afternoon. He as at a point in his military training where he now gets 5 hours on a Saturday afternoon to himself with permission to leave the base. Having not seen him for 3 weeks I hopped on a train or 4, it was a bit stressful getting there what with Pride being on and Race Day at Esher but it was totally worth it though. We had a lovely lunch (Nando’s, military discount, get in!) and a good catch up and a cuddle which I think we both really needed. This initial phase 1 training has been really tough. He also gifted me with these beautiful Chloe sunglasses. 
SHOCK. I’m pretty sure I don’t own anything designer and I love the ‘ombre’ edges. Only four weeks until I see him again, I wonder what he’ll give me then?? JUST KIDDING. Well, actually…
Today i had a major pyjama day before taking my sunglasses for a walk to Asda. Isn't life exciting!?

Anyway, where was i? I’ll start talking beauty again now!
My mum gave me this Clinique soap for my birthday back in May which I was delighted to receive as I get hormonal spots around my mouth and on my forehead. She really is very good to me, she toddled off to Clinique and spoke to the counter staff about skincare etc. Love you mum!
When I opened it I was really impressed, the soap bar is really quite big, it’s 150g, and comes with a smart little soap dish which has a clever little bit on the bottom to drain water preventing the soap from sitting in water and getting a soggy bottom. No one likes a soggy bottom. 

I do really enjoy using this, you just wet your hands and lather the soap between them before smearing it across your sleepy little face and rinsing off. I have been using it on a morning to wash my face and on an evening when I can’t be bothered to cleanse properly.  It leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and doesn’t make the rash I get around my mouth worse. I haven’t noticed anything miraculous in terms of preventing my spots but I do keep swapping around my cleansers, I really need to stick to a specific skincare routine before I could make a valid judgement about that. There isn't a particular scent, it just smells like 'soap' which i like however, don't get it in your eyes because you'll regret it!

For £14.00 you can pick this up at any Clinique counter in stores like Boots, Debenhams etc and on their website here.  You can also get a 100g bar for £11.00. I don’t use mine as part of Cliniques 3-step skincare programme, I muddle it in with other products I’ve been using, but I have heard only good things about a lot of the Clinique skincare products!
What do you use to cleanse your face with?


The best thing since a muslin cloth...

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. It cost me £3.00 and can be found on most high streets or shopping centres. It’s a cheap, deep cleanser and even comes with a cute travel lid. What am I talking about?

Cheaper than the clarisonic, more exfoliating than a muslin cloth and not as annoying as a flannel this little brush is essentially like a large toothbrush for your face. It’s tough on dirt but is gentle enough for the dry, sensitive skin around my mouth. My skin is clearer (although I would like to point out that I do use hormonal contraception which can make my skin WEIRD for no real reason) and the horrible dry bits that my foundation clings to is signficiantly smaller. After just a few days I noticed a difference, my moisturiser sinks in better and I think my foundation/BB cream blends in better.
The design of it is pretty cute, it’s about the size of a £2 coin and comes with a little lid you can pop the brush back into if you want to travel with it. Personally, I wouldn’t let the brush drip dry into the lid as the bristles would then sit in the goo which drops off them. Yuck!

I hardly use my Soap & Glory exfoliator anymore, I just use this little guy. Every evening after removing my make up I apply my cleanser to dry skin and spend a couple minutes (usually whilst reading something on my kindle), it really gets in deep and gets any little scrap of grime out of your pores. I think that my nose is less shiny (stupid nose) during the day.

If you can’t afford a clarisonic or a facial then give this a go, it’s 3 quid, what have you got to lose?